In addition to creative marketing and strategic communications, Sarah has a background in commercial photography in both web and print media. With her background in creative projects and managing creative studios, in combination with her education in strategic communication, she excels at building and strengthening brands and innovative campaigns that combine the best of both creative and analytics. 
Sarah's marketing skills include understanding audiences and devising innovative ways to connect with hard-to-reach groups through meaningful brand storytelling, as well as effective PR and marketing strategies. 
The majority of her recent work has centered on marketing strategy and brand launches for artists, startups, small businesses, and e-commerce companies. During her time as a freelancer, she has managed marketing and creative projects in corporate and agency settings in addition to creating a variety of client projects that span industries for SMBs. 
Currently, Sarah has been working on projects related to web design, PR strategy, branding, social strategy, and communications on an ad-hoc basis. As a result, she has a reputation for swiftly creating a path and implementing it with high efficiency.
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